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Zipline Proposal Cut Short - Impact of Cultural Effects

Created: Monday, 21 December 2020 15:59

The Taupō District Council’s (TDC) hearing panel (Panel) recently issued its decision on an application for land use consent by Sky Play Adventures Limited and Tauhara North No.2 Trust (Applicant) to construct and operate a zipline, base station and walking tracks along and over the Waikato River, as well as a tour hub on Huka Falls Road. The application overall was considered as a discretionary activity.

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An Important Look at Local Government Decision-Making and Climate Change

Created: Friday, 18 December 2020 12:19

In Hauraki Coromandel Climate Action Incorporated v Thames-Coromandel District Council [2020] NZHC 3228 an incorporated society of ratepayers from the Thames-Coromandel District partially succeeded in an application for judicial review against the Thames Coromandel District Council in relation to the Council’s decision not to approve the Mayor to sign the Local Government Leaders’ Climate Change Declaration 2017 (the Declaration).

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High Court tackles competing primacy of mana whenua groups under RMA

Created: Wednesday, 09 December 2020 15:58

In Ngāti Maru Trust v Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei Whaia Maia Limited the High Court deals with the emerging acceptance of tikanga Māori in New Zealand’s modern legal system. Deciding how best to fit these two systems together after centuries of dominance of the European legal construct is no small feat, but the judiciary has taken on the challenge and we, as a country, are starting to see the results.

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Do I Need a Contracting-Out Agreement?

Created: Friday, 20 November 2020 15:15

Do any of the following ring a bell?

  • I’ve just met someone, and things are moving fast
  • We’ve been together a while now, and are talking about moving in together
  • We’re living in my house, and renting out the other one
  • Looking after my kids is a full-time job, and my partner works in the family business
  • After everything that’s happened, I didn’t expect to meet someone again
  • I’m spending a fair bit of time renovating the rental property – just as well I’m a builder!
  • We met at university, but I gave up my career to focus on the kids
  • I help out with the accounts and the odd day here and there in the business
  • My friend’s marriage has just ended – it got messy, and really made me think
  • Trusted friends are suggesting I see a lawyer to get advice
  • I’ve inherited a nest-egg, and we want to use it to do-up the house

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Brookfields Lawyers Celebrate Highs of 2020

Created: Thursday, 19 November 2020 15:59

Brookfields Lawyers celebrate highs of 2020.

 Deb Rowan Glyn

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Trustees' Disclosure of Information to Beneficiaries - Trusts Act 2019

Created: Friday, 06 November 2020 10:13

The Trusts Act codifies beneficiaries’ rights to certain trust information to help beneficiaries ensure that the trustees are complying with their duties and the terms of the trust. There is a presumption that the trustees must disclose basic trust information to every beneficiary and trust information to beneficiaries who request it. In the case of beneficiaries who are minors or who lack capacity, the information must be given to a parent, guardian, attorney, or property manager.

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